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The assorto drum

The assorto drum is one of the most sacred drums in Vudun.
It was said to have been played at the " Bois Caiman "( house of the Iman } ceremony.
This is the ceremony where the Haitien liberation began. History would like for you to believe that the Haitien people
made a pact with " Say ten " to help defeat Napoleon"s army.
The cause of the french defeat was " GREED " not " Say ten "
The french were so greedy for the bonty of Hispanola, that
they used up the Tiano natives almost to extention.
Their greed brought in so many africans and worked them to death so fast until there were a whole generation of africans who rememberd freedom ,and adversity drove them to victory.
To this very day there are religious people who have their ceremonies at the site of " Bois CaIman ' ( aug. 14th. } To chase the spirit they percieve to have helped the Haitiens defeat Napolieon.
Haiti is 85% catholic and 100% Vudun. So when the  catholics got back into power. the first thing they did was have superstition campaine to destroy any artifacts of vudun.
Of course the Assorto was on the top of the list. The were burned. And being made of wood they thought they would rot out.
Now that I have told you about it and shown you one , the assorto is in our memory banks.
The assorto is not only a drum ,but an " EGUNGUN " ( ancestor ) They are sometime dressed as " EGUNGUN ". 

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Not to seem 1 sideded but I ran across a " Djab " piece of jewelery on ebay . check the discription , not my words but the words of an independant source . Papa Gede.
These stones belonged to one of the Mistresses of the Astors. This was back when there was table turning,seances and travel to the unknown on search of magic.
These rings hold a family of Djabs. This is in 10k gold with diamonds and Amethysts. This is in a size 7.
The djab are a family of spirits who perform magickal functions for their possessor. They are a personal spirit.
Although the word "djab" is derived from the French word "diable" (devil), djabs are personal spirits that belong to a specific person and not from the devil at all.. Often the relationship between the djab and the person is in the form of a magical contract. A djab is most frequently invoked to get rid of enemies, take action against an enemy or business competitor, increase one's wealth, or to create other material successes. In addition, djabs are used for healing purposes. While djabs are happy to provide their services, they do require payment from their possessor on a regular basis. If they are not tended to appropriately, djabs are fast to punish and have been known to punish severely.
What is most important to know about the Djab is that it is they who made the Rockefeller rich,the Guggenheim and the Hearst family. The Astors were no stranger to them either. Most of these people belonged to some type of group that practiced the ancient secrets,many included conjuring and these Djab can be given as gifts.
These are also great for healing and one of these is in my mystery boxes on sale now. The one is the mystery box comes in the form of 14k gold with diamonds. But that is only ONE of the items in the mystery boxes.
This Djab has been made safe for anyone. Djabs have been around when the giants roamed the earth and they are truly powerful beings.

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