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Le Peristyle

Baron Samedi , Haiti

Le peristyle

Max"s " NAMEING " ceremony

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In an official declaration made at the Plaza Hotel, Port-au-Prince, Haiti on January 1st 2008, Vodou Organizations througout Haiti, regrouped under a national controlling body for Haitian Vodou, named Konferasyon Nasyonal Vodou Ayisyen - KNVA, choose their supreme spiritual leader: Franr;ois Max Gesner Beauvoir

Franr;ois Max Gesner Beauvoir

In this historic declaration, KNVA reviewed the Haitian History from 1503 till today 2008. They showed "how the Christians went to Africa divided 21 African Tribes brought our ancestors to Haiti to be slaves in the name of their God". They continued to show that these Africans did not speak the same language, did not have the same color, they even fought among themselves, but when they arrived in Haiti, they only thing they had in common VODOU'~

KNVA declared: that it is VODOU, 288 years later, after all the sufferings, all the kinds of inhuman treatments, forced our ancestors to gather in a political reunion - "The Bwa Kayiman Reunion" and decided to be free forever and liberate this land from those that wanted them to stay and be slaves.

KNVA mentioned the role played throughout history to break the chains of slavery, by Makandal, Jean Franr;ois, Biassou, Cola Janm koupe, Agnes and others. KNVA mentioned how during the night of August 13, 1791,200 men and just 1 woman got together, discussed and decided on a plan to liberate all the slaves. And it is upon the decision made that night that revolution started in Haiti with the slogan "Cut all heads - Burn all houses'~ Boukman and many others died during the first battles but the revolution continued and on January 1st 1804 Dessalines declared in Gonaives that we are free and will never be slaves again.

KNVA also accused Francois Duvalier of using Vodou, opening the country to all sorts of religion, particularly the protestants and Adventists, but never did anything for Vodou. He is the one that renewed the Concordat - the religious pact with Catholic Christians in Rome, named commonly

in Haiti, "The Concordat of Shame". His son Jean Claude Duvalier to make sure that Vodou in Haiti received a big blow, he gave the orders to kill all the pigs in the country so that Vodou do not have the original Haitian pig to offer to the "Lwas" (The Vodou Spirits).

Among all Haitians Presidents, KNVA gave President Jean Bertrand Aristide, credits to having listen to Spirit - "The Ginen Spirit", and proclaiming a decree April 4th 2003, giving The Vodou Religion in Haiti full rights to be as a Religion and Practice all Religious Ceremonies related to Vodou freely and legally.

But what hurts the most, all those practicing Vodou in Haiti, is the fact the President Rene Preval choose not to seat with Vodou, not to include Vodou in the newly formed CEP - the institution that will control the elections in Haiti in 2008, where all the religious sectors are represented except the Vodou Sector.

KNVA furiOUSly proclaimed that "this is Preval's biggest political mistake and he is going to pay for it. " They went further to say that "Rene Preval before the elections went and visited all major Vodou Temples in Haiti, asked to vote for him, received the traditional "Koule

Tet" (Cleansing of the head), got the 3 Leaves from the Vodou Sector, used the 3 leafs as a pOlitical symbol for his political partY Lespwa'~ and now Rene Preval want to exclude Vodou completely. That is why "Vodou in Haiti, decided today January 1st 2008 to take back 2 of the 3 leaves given to preval for power", finally went to say KNVA.

That is why KNVA is asking today all Haitians from all Vodou Cults, to stand up, mobilize, and create magic spellS of all sorts to be sent to those against Vodou in Haiti. "They All must be moved out of the country" declared KNVA to the nation.

And as of today, loudly said KNVA, Haitian Vodou is 1, united, religiOUsly under 1 religious leader named Ati Franr;ois Max Gesner Beauvoir, who is now the Head of the Haitian Vodou Religion and in the months to come will proceed with the national religious ceremonies to glorify and honor their new leader.


Source from Archivex The path to enlightenment is littered with the bodies of the ignorant

Max"s Coronation

Max"s Speech

" Manman "

temple of yehwe


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In Haitian Vodun, the Guédé (also spelled Gede or Ghede) are the family of spirits that embody the powers of death and fertility. They are closely associated with the loa Baron (whose aspects are Baron Samedi, Baron La Croix and Baron Cimetière). Depending on the tradition followed, Baron is:

  • one of the Guédé
  • their spiritual father who has raised them from the dead, along with Baron Samedi's wife Maman Brigitte who is their spiritual mother
  • an aspect of the Guédé

In any of these configurations, Baron, his wife Maman Brigitte, and the Guédé rule death, the cemetery and the grave.

Well known Guédé spirits include Guédé Nibo, Guédé Plumaj, Guédé Ti Malis, Guédé Zaranye, and many others. They are known for the drum rhythm and the dance called the "banda" and in possession will drink or rub themselves with a mixture of raw rum or clairin and twenty-one habanero or goat peppers.

Gede Nibo is a psychopomp and acts as an intermediary between the living and the dead, who gives voice to the dead spirits that have not been reclaimed from "below the waters".

The Guédé often dress as an undertaker dressed in black with black sunglasses. Some Guédés will only have one lens, seeing as they do in two worlds. The chief of the Guédés is still Guédé Nibo. He has no wife, and goes around flirting with the lady Loas, except Ezili who apparently does not like him.

The colors of the Guédé are generally purple and black, and they enjoy unfiltered cigarettes like Pall Malls, rum steeped with chile peppers, dancing the suggestive "banda" dance with the ladies, and they are very protective of children, as many of the loa are.