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Book of Papa Gede Nibo Bey " LA Kwa "

apa Gede Nibo Bey “La Kwa “, was born in a town called “ WOLFTON “. A town of teachers. 


He descended through a line of “SPIRITUALISTS “.  His grandfather built the Masonic lodge and was the grand master. Granddad’s root work included a cure for toothache.


Grand Ma “OLGA “was a root woman, some of her sisters passed for white.  This made her a very volatile person.


Her son,PaPa Gede”s father ,was named “ TUDE “. Because he kept an attitude .


He named little Joe  “ JOE LOUIS “ this was his basket name . This name the name of the heavy weight champ at that time ,


Brought out the Gullah , geechee , mandingo blood line . He had to fight on demand . Everyone wanted a shot at the country boy



I remember , early on he had to use  the “ DOSE “ , to get retribution . The bigger kids would do what they called “ Taking Tek “.


They would just take a piece of your candy and dare you to say something .


They had a  hersey chocolate bar , they also  had a chocolate laxative called  “ EXLAX “.


In those days when you took an  “ exlax “, you had better be on the stool or at least in the bathroom .


He would set the chocolate bar so when you took “ TEK “, his retribution was on the way . Bibles have a way of being read as the word of  “ GOD “, I want to be clear on this point of  “ DOSE “.


This hoodoo trick was based on the law of  “ KARMA  “,  It does not give a license to attack anyone.


Grasshopper , Hoodoo is above all ‘RESPECT “. For self , and forces around you.   Aye bobo , bi lolo , ashe , amen .

 .On Thu, 10/30/08, Awo Baba Ogunji <nzingacapoeira@>

From: Awo Baba Ogunji <nzingacapoeira@>
Subject: [yerewolo] Low John
To: yerewolo@yahoogroup
Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 3:01 PM

That old Dr. Buzzard just stood in the court room with them dark
shades on. He looked around and started chanting as he chewed on Lo
John and alligator pepper...Before he could turn and leave the court
room the judge said case dismissed. Oh the power of Low

Low John "; none other than di " Morning glory ".Check out de leaf
shape .straight erzuli ( Dreams ) etc. member of sweet potatoe plant
( YAM ).
Hidden in plain view .


From: Madhbh Alicious <>
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 11:47:28 AM
Subject: Re: [yerewolo] Low John

I do believe that Lo John is related to ginger, Little John to the Lilly or iris (tuber root) and High John to the Morning glory/ Sweet potato


High john is de Jalap Root .Ask morning glory who she be ? She will show you heart shaped leaves , ( erzuli ) Blue flower , Gullah haint protek color around windows , doors , bottle trees .idigo plants and de root , le little yams .
I be Gullah drum maker , garden keeper etc. We in South Carolina Dr Buzzard Yad. Morning glory all over di place , " Ginger " scace lak hen teet .
" Ginger "tell nother trick .
In De name of de " KONKER ",
consciousness prevail , PaPa 


Beloved ninja,
awhile back I realised I had the gift of invisability.

Before I knew what it was, I thought there were a lot of rude people in the world.

I would be in a line and someone would step in front of me as if I wasn:t there. I would say excuse me and they would apologise and say they didn"t see me.

This happened too often for the people not to be right. I said to myself maybe they really can"t see me.

It"s not that you aren"t here. but you change planes from where the persons are at.I can"t explain ;

With Ninjia in your name you know where I am coming from.

My method of Invisability is to appear so bigger than life, that people look at my projected Image and see what they think they see,but they don"t see me and I can observe them from whithout myself.

My image I present is ; an old grey dread locked ,Huge leather handmade crown , red black and green scarf, many sensitive lens for the dark shades when needed.

coloful shuckitos ( african pants )cowboy boots and a skull walking staff. Only babys and small children can see me through this camaflodge.

But that"s not me. only my image.I am like water I take the shape of the container.

No spell check abbilities for give me

Papa Gede Nibo

So true sister. Plants do have spirit (Ori). To understand the true nature of plants can only come through the spiritual connection.
--- On Sat, 11/1/08, Madhbh Alicious <> wrote:
From: Madhbh Alicious <>
Subject: Re: [yerewolo] Low John
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 10:56 AM

Just like humans, plants have ancestry too....
Mojuba the Plant spirits, may they eternally be our allies, teachers and guides in the world we all live in.
High John: (Jalap Bindweed, Conqueror Root, Ipomoea, Turpeth, King Root etc.)  Family: Convulvulaceae Genus: Imopoea (aliases: Exagonium, Convulvus)
Species: I. jalapa; I. puga; C. jalapa; E. purga)
Sweet Potato:
Family: Convulvulaceae
Genus: Imopoea
Species: I. batatas
Morning Glory:
Family: Convulvulaceae
Genus: Imopoea
Species: I. violacea
Low John: (Chewing John, Galangal, Colic Root etc.)
Family: Zingaberaceae or Scilaminae
Genus: Alpinia
Species: A. officinarium; A. galanga
Family: Zingaberacea
Genus: Zingiber
Species: Z. officinale; etc.
Trillium/Little John: (Southern John, Beth Root, Birth Root, etc.)
Family: Liliacea (lilly family)
Genus: Trillium
Species T. erectum; T. pendulum; T. pendulatum

Why did " JOHN " decide to leave his spirit in de Jalap plant ?
When we were on de auction block , naked ,all we had to hold on to was our  " family jewels ". It was our only hope . " DE KONKER "root luk like
black mans gonads . Symbiotic magic , like attracts like .( security )
Hence " Black men " touching themselves , ( Genetic memory ).Or procuring a  " MOJO " (  imopoea root )

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