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Papa Gede is an intercessor between the living and the dead.

" 5 Drummers needed to form facilitated drum circle ".
Purpose ; To santify spaces for healing . Orangeburg S.C.
area .
contac info ; Papa Gede ,
tel. 1 856 - 693 - 0301
Skill level ? Teacher or Student , availability the key,
not ability . The spirit will come if called .
You know who you are . If you are reading this you must
be who we"re " Drum calling 4/4 ".
                Hungan Huntor ; Papa Gede Nibo Bey  

Drum circle auditions - Ujimma Dance troupe South Carolina State University . Tues. Thurs. 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

" I don"t believe in miracles , I depend on them  ".
             ( Papa Gede Nibo Bey )

The Ancestor"s Blessings

I & I Shadow

PaPa - Yilly Bey ( Bawon Criminal )

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome " Yillie Bey " new fam. Zangbeto
Religion and Philosophy

We welcome mi bro. " Yilly Bey ' who jus turned  " Egun ",his new assignment on dis plane is to be Fam. " Zangbeto" ( Bawon Kriminel ", our lawer - judge ,he works for money . approach him with respect . He's here for service , Honor .


Kriminel is indeed one of the aspects of the Baron - he's the one who collects the debts before Fet Gede - November 2nd. This is the Vodou day of the dead and new year, by which time all debts to the loa must be paid. If you've performed magic under the auspices of the Baron and his family during the year it's a good idea to make service on or before Fet Gede, because being a debtor to these loa is a bad idea ;-)

The Gede also spelled Ghede or Guede, as has been explained above, are the spirits of death and sexuality. They're protectors of children, too. As ancestral spirits who hear both the living and the dead, they know things; as a result they can be counted upon for accurate if sometimes brutally honest advice. They're gregarious, talkative, paternal, have a filthy sense of humour, can swear like Marine Corps drill sergeants, and have HUGE appetites. I work with Baron Samedi a lot, and it's always an unforgettable experience :-)

Your character may call on Baron for any number of reasons. These might include general advice, healing, family troubles or problems with conceiving children. As a death deity, he undoubtedly has a darker side, especially for magical purposes that have to do with bringing justice on those who have wronged you. Baron is, amongst other things, a judge. Baron Samedi's wife Maman Brigitte is often thought of as a lawyer... no wonder some people are scared of Vodou! ;-)

On Baron Kriminel's altars you might find objects such as pictures of St Gerard or St Martin de Porres, lengths of fabric in black, white or purple along with candles in these colours, a top hat, a pack of cards, money, cigarettes, skeletal images, and food offerings such as rum, coffee, bread and corn.

Let me know if I can be of any more help!

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I & I  Shadow

The role of a "Gede " is to learn all they can of the ancestor knowledge
and to pass it on.


Life is not certain, " DEATH " is.
Life is having effect on things around you.
Death is having no effect on anything around you.
Your world stops when you stop.