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Bottle trees - tings

Love Beloved,
  I want to share some of our shrine secrets I think should be common knowledge
I thought about it for a little while. I said this knowledge is esoteric ( only for a chosen few ).My spirit told me; Locks were esoteric, but everyone wears them ( good camouflage ) for nyabingi.
From Rickydoc"s post and a quick look back at " Ray " and  "Daughters Of The Dust ". the bottle trees were more small trees  with the bottles stuck on the limb ends.
In my abstract thinking, the bottles should be in an drinking position to act as flutes when you or the wind blows over them.
Reason wid menow, Think of Christmas ornaments and how they are hung ( BAD EXAMPLE )
we need the bad to get to the good.
I now use a spool of black electric cord, guage thick enough to bend and keep it"s shape.
I used to use wire coat hangers,but everything seems to be plastic now.
If you go to a Home depot type of place you can sample many guages of wire at one time.
Home depot, Dollar store, has produced many of my most profound pieces.
With pliers , make a tight noose around the bottle neck so it won"t slip off ( my mind wanders when I talk about nooses, chains, dogs ) Leave enough wire, at least half as long as the bottle.
Bend the wire down to the side of the bottle, like hands akimbo.This kicks the law of gravity in effect to keep the bottle up right, for calling the saints.You should now have an ornament ready to hang.
Now the fun part. I should have told you to get an 8ft. PVC pipe, about as thick as your thumb or more. It must be thick enough to support the bottle ornament when the wire is stuck in the top of the pole.
Use this pole to place the bottle in the upper branches of your tree. Just place the bottle over the branch and back the PVC pipe off and you get the idea.( Ashe )
That"s one civilized way ( don"t let anyone see you putting the bottles up ) It adds to the my story,If asked ? I tell them I will have to kill you if I reveal the way. 



Since blue bottles are so expensive and rare , spray paint any bottle blue,  Shazam ! it"s  " Supernatural "an de Haints etc . respect de sign  , en de name ob de " Konker ". one bottle en de tree make it be " Bottle Tree '. De wata gathered en de bottle is ' Solar Water " , for spiritual usage .


We Benya ! ( gullah, we here )

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