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Brotherhood Of The Cross And Star

Beloved I am Pastor Joe Fisher,
    I was ordained by " OLUMBA OLUMBA  OBU "'
in Calabar Nigeria 1972 . I must state I don"t believe
miracles , I depend on them . I will relate to you what
is a miracle to me .
After years of under employment , I was blessed to get
a job as a professional firefighter . I was almost too
old , too , short , and not the right complexion .
I passed the test , which was later proven to be bias .
It changed my whole life around . I used to scrape
bubble gum from the cafeteria floors .
I am not complaining I am just telling the story .  I
thought I was in heaven . At last I could fulfill my
destiny as a " MAN ".
Now here comes the " MIRACLE ",  I was on the
job 6 mos. and some how I got a months vacation
with pay . My captain knew how bad I wanted  to
go to Africa.
I helped a pastor from Africa incorporate the Brotherhood
Of The Cross and Star . The next thing I knew I was in
Calabar, Nigeria . The leader of the Brotherhood , Obu
said he sent for me .
34 years later I am still trying to comprehend my calling .
The Brotherhood is deep take a peep.
                                          Pastor Joe fisher


Brotherhood Of The Cross And Star

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